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Gold River Alaskan Cedar Decking 

Discover the Beauty of wood with Gold River Alaskan Cedar Decking & Railing. Gold River Alaskan Cedar Decking is white to soft yellow, highly decay resistant, and has a smooth texture. Gold River Alaskan Cedar Decking is kiln dried for dimensional stability. 5/4" x 6" eased edge premium knotty decking and railing is in-stock. We offer deck design service. Let us help you design your outdoor space today.

Featured Product

Schluter®-DITRA Lightweight Uncoupling Membrane

  Schluter®-DITRA lightweight uncoupling membranes waterproof to protect subfloor and help prevent cracking and delaminating of the tiled surface. We are stocking Schluter®-DITRA in 54 and 150 sq. ft. rolls and Schluter®-DITRA XL in 175 sq. ft. rolls. 

Special Offers

BOSCH Power Tool Specials  

A great selection of BOSCH Power Tools is on sale just in time for Father's Day. Get this BOSCH POWER BOX 360 Jobsite Stereo with 4-way speakers, subwoofer, aluminum & rubber roll cage, AUX 1 IN Port; AUX 2 IN Port line out, battery-charger bay powered USB Port 4-way power outlets and 12V DC adapter charges cell phones.  Digital media bay plays MP3 players, portable CD Players, SD memory cards and USB thumb drives for only $179. (9913017)