Herrington’s has grown from a small wooden storefront in the late-1800s, into a premier lumber and building material supply business, with design and architectural services, at six locations in three states. What hasn’t changed? For more than 100 years, we’ve been family-owned and family-operated.











Our company opened circa 1865 in a small wooden storefront by the railroad tracks of Hillsdale, NY. Founded by Geo. M. Bullock, Edmond Herrington became his partner in the early 1900s. The company became known as Bullock and Herrington, which provided coal, lumber and feed for Hillsdale, NY and surrounding villages. Proximity to the rail station provided convenience for receiving lumber and supplies shipments during this time when horse and wagon were the mode of transportation. Deliveries may have been made in wagons like this Democrat Wagon (photo), once owned by Burt Herrington, the eldest of Edmond Herrington’s three sons.

Edmond later became the sole proprietor of ED HERRINGTON, a dealer in coal, lumber, cement and building supplies. A 1937 invoice recorded a sale of six bags of cement for a total of $4.20.   

Three of Edmond’s sons—Burt, Curt and Richard—worked for the family business throughout the 1930s–1950s. Visionary Richard (Dick) E. Herrington eventually became president of the company. Anticipating increasing opportunity in building products, he moved away from feed and grain sales.  As home heating preferences shifted, he phased out coal and added fuel oil for sale. By the time he incorporated the company in 1953 as ED HERRINGTON, INC., the business was a full service hardware, lumber, millwork, paint and fuel oil business.

In the early 1960s, Richard’s son, Edmond (Ed) Beebe Herrington, joined the business. By the 1970s, the company added kitchen and bath cabinetry, and design, and the fuel oil business became a separate company known as Herrington Fuels. In 1976, Richard sold the business to Ed.  In the 1980s Ed modernized the company with a computer system achieving greater efficiencies in sales and inventory management. He also added bluestone to the product mix to serve the increasing demand for home landscaping improvements. 

The 1990s brought a boom to the home building industry, and an addition to the Hillsdale store more than doubled retail and office space. The company enhanced building materials services by adding on-staff estimators, outside salespeople, window and door specialists, and architectural representatives. We also added specialized delivery vehicles, including boom trucks, hired more kitchen and bath designers, masonry and paint specialists to meet the growing needs of customers.

In 1998, Ed Herrington, Inc. purchased Community Service, a lumber, hardware and building materials business, adding several locations in CT and Dutchess County, NY. A few years later, the company opened a window and door, and kitchen and bath showplace in Lakeville, CT, where customers could experience products in built-in settings.

In 2008, Herrington’s expanded again with the purchase of Dunn Builder’s Supply, adding stores in Hudson, NY and Chatham, NY to our Hillsdale, NY, Millerton, NY and Lakeville, CT locations. The company now boasts a drive thru lumberyard and a countertop fabrication “top shop” at our Hudson location.

Ed Herrington, Inc. purchased the assets of DeVries Building Supply, Inc. of Sheffield, MA in 2015. Herrington's hardware store and lumber yard on Berkshire School Road in Sheffield now offers a convenient location for the building and renovation needs of Berkshire County customers.

Thanks to Herrington’s knowledgeable employees and loyal customers, we continue to thrive as a family business. Ed’s son, Richard B. Herrington, is part owner and Vice President/General Manager, and his eldest daughter, Allison Neumann, is part owner and Marketing Manager.

Ed Herrington, Inc. looks forward to continuing our tradition of being a respected employer and trusted provider of quality lumber and building materials to fine home builders, home renovators, remodelers, trades people and homeowners for many years to come.